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What we do

Shake Up ID is a place to share opinions, thoughts, methods and tools. We talk about innovation, strategy, design thinking, service design, UX, problem solving, product, management, tech & business trends.

Our audience is a mix of designers, product owners, developers, entrepreneur and CEO.

We currently have 3 categories:
THOUGHTS > ideas / opinions / analysis / questions
LEARNINGS > methods / tools / how to
INSPIRATIONS > links of the week / readings / etc

A collaborative project

Shake Up ID is a highly collaborative project. Everyone brings what he/she wants to bring.

We don’t put any pressure on the delivery as we know it’s a side project for everyone. You can decide to write only one article or to get involved in the project.

What’s in there for you?

Shake Up ID is a place to express yourself and to give you some visibility online. Show that you know your stuff and that you have opinions!

It has been a great success for the team so far, on a personal and  professional level:

  • We all have way more traffic on our LinkedIn profile and personal websites
  • We have been chased by recruiters
  • One of us found a new job and Shake Up ID played a great part in showing leadership, entrepreneurship, and opinions
  • It’s now a community of kick-ass professionals
  • And we all have been super proud to have our stories published out there!


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