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How to prevent design from killing your company

“I designed an award-winning product, but it had production problems that were almost financially catastrophic. I almost killed my company with design. These lessons will prevent you from making the same mistakes.”

by Ethan Imboden, Vice President & Head of Venture Design at frog

Read “How to prevent design from killing your company on Design mind, the blog of Frog design.


Netflix major redesign

Here it comes. The first major redesign in four years. And from what we’ve seen, “the service does a much better job of letting you see information about a show as you click around, instead of accidentally playing something you only wanted to know more about”. Behind the scenes of this major shift.

Read “The science behind Netflix’s first major redesign in four years” on The Verge


The shopping funnel by Google Venture

“What do buying coffee beans, making an investment, and choosing a doctor have in common? They’re all forms of shopping. In each case, customers follow predictable processes for finding, evaluating, and narrowing options. ”

Google venture gives you the secret recipe to design a successful shopping funnel.

Read “The shopping shortcut: How to design for your customer’s mindset” by Google Venture


Wogrammer, breaking the “brogrammer” stereotype

They are women, they are programmers, they are “wogrammers” and they are amazing. They are breaking the women / software engineer stereotype by sharing awesome success story of women engineer, talking about their technical accomplishments instead of how it is to be a woman in digital.

Discover the project “Breaking the “brogrammer” Stereotype – This is what an engineer looks like.”


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