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Don’t listen to your users

Gillian Morris shares her experience of building a consumer-facing app (Hitlist) and how listening to direct user feedback and following the wrong metrics is not a good strategy.

Read ‘Don’t listen to your users’ by Gillian Morris

How Intercom hires engineers

“Interviews are incredibly expensive, for both parties. Great screeners are vital to ensure that no one is wasting anyone’s time. Here’s how we do them in Intercom.”

Read ‘How we hire engineers, part 1: our screener’ on Intercom’s blog

Drop downs should be the UI of the last resort

All too often mobile forms make use of drop-down menus for input when simpler, more appropriate controls would work better. Luke Wrobleski shows how to optimise your mobile UI by avoiding drop downs.

‘Drop downs should be the UI of the last resort’ by Luke Wroblewski

Hexadecimal colours and Space Invaders?

Do you know what #FFFFFF and #1256FF means?
Learn how hexa colours work by playing space invaders!

Read more on fastcodesign.com – ‘Learn How Hex Color-Codes Work By Playing Space Invaders’


Top image: pattern by Julien Renvoye – the pattern library


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