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How Intercom hires engineers

“Interviews are incredibly expensive, for both parties. Great screeners are vital to ensure that no one is wasting anyone’s time. Here’s how we do them in Intercom.”

Read ‘How we hope engineers, part 1: our screener’

Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds

If you had to give a talk at a local primary school to explain graphic design , how would you do it?
Dean Vipond shares his experience. He has found a good way to explain it to four-year-olds, but I am sure it will word the same way with your client or even your boss!

Read the full story by Dean Vipond on

Designers tools

From the first ideas with a pen and a paper, to a fully interactive prototype. Bryan Maniotakis, designer, shares his workflow and the tools he uses.

Read ‘I am a product designer and these are my tools’


Top image: Pattern by Miguel Angel Avila – the pattern library

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