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Hooked: how to build habit-forming products

What makes some products so engaging while others flop? Nir Eyal explains the psychology behind the world’s most habit-forming technologies and provides practical advice for increasing user engagement.


How to liberate talent and innovation within your company?

97% of the staff is restricted within their own structure. So, how to give your employees the freedom to create and be innovative?

Read the full story by Antoine Godard on LinkedIn Pulse


An amazing reading list for designers and innovators!

A must-read list for anyone interested in innovation and design. Typography, product design, future, people, business, etc.

Check the full reading list on InVision’s blog


Why product thinking is the next big thing in UX design

“Building features is easy, building the right features for the right people is challenging”

Read the article by Nikkel Blaase on Medium.com


BBC micro:bit


How to shape the next maker generation! The BBC micro:bit is a tech tool, like a Swiss Army knife, that can be applied to almost any problem or project you can imagine. It will be distributed to 1 million young people in schools across the UK this October.

Discover BBC micro:bit by Technology will save us


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