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Inside design: GoPro

Meet the design team and discover how they are working on hardware and software projects.

Meet GoPro’s design team on Invision’s blog

Be the leader you wish you had

« This is about what I learned the hard way: That great creative leadership is about letting go of that nagging mental image you have of what you are supposed to do. It’s about believing in others, and focusing on fanning the flames of creative, weird, exothermic people, rather than on fixing problems. »

Read Clark Scheffy’s story on Medium

Why I won’t run another startup by Arthur Attwell

« Lured by the lights of the startup industry, founders are the product in someone else’s show. So I’ve made five new rules for myself. »

Read Arthur Attwell story on Medium


Discover Jewelbots: the friendship bracelets that teach girls to code!

Using basic engineering logic, girls can program their Jewelbots to do just about anything they—and their besties-turned-collaborators—dream up, opening their minds to STEM during an age when many lose interest.

Discover Jewelbots on Kickstarter

Product management tips and tools

An inspiring talk for product managers: Ryan Singer shares his tools to deal with complexity, keep it straight and sane!


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