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Improving team performance

The retrospective meeting will help you to improve your team’s performance, a fast and easy exercise aimed at fielding honest feedback and keeping everyone accountable.

Read « 3 steps to improving team performance » on Design Telepathy


Which color converts the best?

Can some colors make your website convert better? Is Red really a bad idea? Is there a magical formula?

Read « Which Color converts better » and find out!


10 design trends 2015 – UX & UI for mobile

A shortlist of the most exciting things going on in UX/UI Design right now and what we can expect to see in this space in a not too distant future!

Check the full design trend report here:


Material Design: Why the floating action button is bad UX

While floating action buttons seem to provide good UX in ideal conditions, in actual practice, widespread adoption of FABs might be detrimental to the overall UX of the app. This article will give you some reasons why.

Read « Material Design: Why the floating action button is bad UX » on Medium


Olympic Cyclist VS Toaster

World famous track cyclist Robert Förstemann battles a 700w toaster. Can he, with his 74cm legs, generate enough energy to create a golden-brown toast?


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